Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Cross Country

Cross Country Excitement

On Monday the whole school ran the cross country.
Have a look at these excited children!

Read the stories underneath for some children's perspectives!

I was very very happy yesterday because it was cross country. Holly nearly won, but Chloe won and I came second. Mum and Aunty Carla come to watch on the back court. I felt confident.
By Aria

I came tenth in the cross country and I hated it.
By Ari

I felt excited. I came 8th. It was very long. I liked it. Afterwards I was tired. I went to McDonalds after it. I ate a lot of food. I was happy.
By Jackson

I like the cross country. It was fun. I liked it. My mum and dad came. My mum said 'wow!' My dad was proud. I do not know who won. When Mrs Nilsson put the flag down I ran as fast as I could go. I do not know which number I was. I think I came in tenth. My favourite friends came in first, second, fourth and 12th.
They were, well one was a boy and his number was 12.
By Nyah

Ohhhh I feel nervous! I thought as I sat quietly waiting for my turn at the cross country. I was running as fast as I could but I did not get a brown thing with a number. I think that I came in the middle. At the end I was puffed and proud and I was as happy as can be!
By Lucy

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