Sunday, 15 October 2017

Willow's baby bunnies

During the term we also had a visit from some very special guests - Willow's bunnies!!!

Saturday, 14 October 2017


Christchurch Symphony Orchestra Visit


Term Three has been crazy and busy. We introduced the class to seesaw which has seen last of a chance for us to have photos to add to the blog.

If you haven't signed up to seesaw please do so. This will give you a glimpse into what is happening each day as the children are being taught how to upload their work for you to see.

We did a lot this term:
- gymnastics and a trip to Christchurch School of Gymnastics
- CSO - a visit from the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra and a week of music lessons that ended in a performance by us at Shirley Boy's High
- Keeping Ourselves Safe - hopefully all of the children now know their whole name, their address and their phone number
- Healthy Heroes - a number of the class will be receiving rewards this week to acknowledge the work they put into being a healthy hero last term
- Book Week! Some super cool book characters joined us for book week!
- Cultural Festival! - an amazing experience for many of the children in our class as well as across the school

Please remember to join up to seesaw and keep an eye out on this blog for term updates on the amazing things your tamariki have been doing!

Sunday, 16 July 2017


A lot has happened this term and we want to thank you for your continued support.
We really enjoyed a lot of activities:
* Airforce Museum
* Matariki Evening (Pictures on the Te Reo Māori page)
* The Hula Hooping competition
* El Gregoe's visit
*Building a whare
*ASB Money wise



Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Cross Country

Cross Country Excitement

On Monday the whole school ran the cross country.
Have a look at these excited children!

Read the stories underneath for some children's perspectives!

I was very very happy yesterday because it was cross country. Holly nearly won, but Chloe won and I came second. Mum and Aunty Carla come to watch on the back court. I felt confident.
By Aria

I came tenth in the cross country and I hated it.
By Ari

I felt excited. I came 8th. It was very long. I liked it. Afterwards I was tired. I went to McDonalds after it. I ate a lot of food. I was happy.
By Jackson

I like the cross country. It was fun. I liked it. My mum and dad came. My mum said 'wow!' My dad was proud. I do not know who won. When Mrs Nilsson put the flag down I ran as fast as I could go. I do not know which number I was. I think I came in tenth. My favourite friends came in first, second, fourth and 12th.
They were, well one was a boy and his number was 12.
By Nyah

Ohhhh I feel nervous! I thought as I sat quietly waiting for my turn at the cross country. I was running as fast as I could but I did not get a brown thing with a number. I think that I came in the middle. At the end I was puffed and proud and I was as happy as can be!
By Lucy

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Tuis FINALLY hide their Rocks

Today the Tuis finally hid their rocks so that the other children in the school can find them and hide them somewhere else.
Maybe you will come back in the weekend to do some rock hunting yourself!

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Team Kahikatea Rocks

On Friday the classes in Team Kahikatea painted rocks. We researched patterns and designs, then on a piece of paper we practised what we were going to do.  We took one of our rocks home to share and we are going to take the other rocks to hide around our neighbourhood. If you find any, please take a photo and facebook it to #BanksAveSchoolRocks.
Take a look at our amazing creations.